Dr. Chris Ryan

Dr. Chris Ryan

In this podcast with author Dr. Chris Ryan of the game-changing Sex At Dawn, we attack the practicality of what comes next. How do we get from here to there in a world that doesn’t easily permit returning to the old ways? While there is no single road that will work as a panacea, the basic principles all lead to greater happiness for singles and couples alike.

  • Jim

    Do you believe everything you hear? Ryan and Jethá justify their position mostly by deploying anecdotal and unsystematic anthropological evidence, and the authors have no anthropological credentials.

    Also just because something is “Natural” Doesn’t mean it is intrinsically good. Using computers, riding bikes, and driving cars aren’t things we have an evolutionary history doing but that doesn’t mean they are bad. Also engaging in physical warfare is something we have done throughout our evolutionary history but that doesn’t mean it would be a good idea for me to punch someone in the teeth I feel the physical response to do so aka any time I’m furious at them.

    • paulywog

      You sound like you are in desperate need of a blow job sir

    • Ethanwulf

      Really dude there are so many things wrong with computers and cars could of used a better analogy

  • http://www.LimitlessMindset.com/ Jonathan Roseland

    Fascinating discussion on why young WW2 fighter pilots used to ‘share’ wives

  • Aria

    Dr. Chris Ryan is one of my best and favourite people on this planet and I havent even met him in person :) yet!

  • Zed

    Talk about being on it. What an insight to hear two morons who dont have a family or children theorizing about how it all works. Wait! Im so square! Someone tell me to get a blowjob. Fuck these guys

    • alex

      powerful negativity brother.