Robert Greene

Robert Greene

I set a goal to have a conversation with Robert Greene (Author of 48 Laws of Power, and Mastery) many years before podcasting was a word in my vocabulary. Today it has come to fruition as I explore the ideas behind the works one of the most influential authors of our time.

  • Christian Radcliff

    Great podcast, I will take a look at Roberts new writing. :)

  • Jason David Quade

    After reading the 48 Laws of Power I was hoping, someone just as intuitive and philosophical would interview Mr. Greene…the universe tends to listen :]

  • Ryan DiNunzio

    real good stuff. grazie.

  • Joel Sebastian

    I downloaded “48 Laws” as an audiobook immediately after this podcast, 15 minutes in, I am absolutely baffled as to how someone who is spiritually aware and an advocate of psychedelics can endorse this way of thinking…

    • Joel Sebastian

      That’s not to say it isn’t completely true and very interesting.

  • Joe Woo

    Great podcast!